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nickwinterPublished Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
by Nick Polizzi



The family and I were at the Berkeley farmers market a few days ago and I stumbled upon one of the coolest innovations in raw/vegan nutrition that I’ve seen in a long time.

rawdaddy1Among the various food tents and farm tables, I saw a truck that said, “Raw Daddy – Fun Cone Food”.. Well, I like raw food and I grew up on ice cream cones, so the gravitational pull was too strong to withstand. I walked over and took a peak.

What I saw blew me away. These guys aren’t selling raw vegan ice cream – they are creating entire meals that fit into a nutritious multi-seed cone!  Yes, the crunchy edible containers they use are made from a dehydrated flax seed mix and are absolutely scrumptious.

No longer is the word “cone” going to be associated solely with dessert. Not if the RawDaddy team can help it, at least.

Nutritious multi-seed cones – does it get more creative than that?

Well it actually does :) The fillings that RawDaddy owner, James Hall, puts into his fun food cones are anything but ordinary. Each cone style contains a different worldly cuisine, re-invented with a raw / vegan spin. The RawDaddy menu includes items like: “The Morrocan Squash Cone”, the “Forset and Earth Mushroom Polenta Cone”, and the “Wakame Daddy Sushi Cone”.

rawdaddy2A man of integrity, James refrains from classifying his original cuisine as “Raw Vegan”, because he uses wild honey and handcrafted maple syrup in a few of the menu items. Interesting right? Honey technically comes from an animal (bee) so it’s not vegan and maple syrup is heated to boiling so it’s not raw! I like this guy’s style!

Just reading the names of these living food cones inspires me to get into my kitchen and create new recipes! Personally, I’ve never quite had the patience for dehydrators, but now I might need to grab one.

James told me that his goal is to grow RawDaddy into a fast food chain that serves only the highest quality living ingredients to each customer. Imagine if you could have access to something as delicious and nutritious as RawDaddy no matter what town or city you live in!

If you’re looking for a little culinary inspiration, visit RawDaddy online at www.rawdaddyfoods.com

A question for you: what is the most creative / innovative raw or vegan dish you’ve ever made? If you’ve got one you really love, please share it below!

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi

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  1. MissOldSoul says:

    How creative! It would be awesome to have access to food like this!
    I juice a lot, so I always have tons of veggie pulp left over and since I only buy organic produce, it pains me to throw the scraps away. My solution was to come up with different faux meat recipes that utilize a lot of my leftover pulp. So far I’ve made lentil loaf using green pulp, beet pulp burgers, hearty pulp chili, but my all-time favorite creation has to be my carrot pulp soyriso taco meat. In a large iron skillet, I start off sautéing a few chopped onions and a whole head of minced garlic in coconut oil with a splash of white wine. Then I add 3 cups of carrot pulp and carefully stir until everything mixed up. Next I open a tube of polenta and crumble it up by hand in a separate bowl before throwing it in the skillet and stirring it into the carrot mixture. The final step is to add a package of soyriso (I prefer the one from Trader Joe’s) and stir until everything is mixed thoroughly. This faux taco meat is great in lots of Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and nachos.

  2. Julie says:

    YUM. RawDaddy serves up a delicious looking cone topped with a dollop of integrity. WOW. I sure would like to learn more and talk to you and the owner about new business. You have my email. Love your writing style Nick.

  3. Josette says:

    Awesome! I wish I could find those in Brasil!

  4. WOW I am so excited and my mouth is watering. I would love to see that happen so when I travel I would have healthy choices!!! Perhaps you could go on shark tank for $$$$ to support this idea!!!!

  5. Congratulations!!! What an fabulous nutritional delicious idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love this idea cant wait for his chain to reach australia

  7. isabelle says:

    in Mexico City there are food stands everywhere, all over this huge city. Many of the stands made fresh fruit &veggies juices of your choice right on the spot…..my favorite was pinapple, celery, nopal, alfalfa, spinach, lemon & water or grapefruit juice…..people were loining up for these juices….can you imagin such juice parce minutes from your home, all over America?

  8. The RawDaddy menu is inspirational: sounds so gourmet-delicious and righteous-nutritious! Count me in as a fan. And yes! you are invited to come to Bellingham, WA or Seattle (my home town) anytime soon. James Hall’s cone offerings make me want to try them-all varieties…Now, please!
    As for share a recipe-raw or otherwise, here’s my entry. I saw this in “The Seattle Times, Pacific Magazine” section. Note: I lighly steam the collard leaves instead of microwaving them-you want them to be pliant to be able to roll-up the fresh, tasty veggies inside. I have even used kale for this…
    So, here’s the recipe:
    Nancy’s “Who Needs a Tortilla?” Vegetable Wrap
    Serves one-you may want to make several @ a time….
    I large fresh collard leaf; A generous dollop of prepared hummus; 2 butter lettuce leaves (or a handful of mixed greens); 1/4 sweet red peppar sliced into strips; 1 Persian cucumber, sliced; 3 cooked asparagus spears; salt & pepper to taste
    -they say microwave; but I lightly steam big, round, flat collard greens-partiallly de-stemming the bottom part (makes it more flexible as a roll-up).
    Now lay out flat, spread hummus over the entire surface, spread your favoirte mixed salad greens over, add chopped red peppars and cucumber, lay several tips of asparagus atop (they saw cooked, I say raw) You can save the stems & julienne them raw into salads @ another meal-sweet!
    Now, simply roll this all up tucking in the ends (like you would a corn tortilla if you were to roll it up); and, if you like, slice in half. This is not only super-tasty, it’s easy. I have done many variations since-even putiing chopped organic eggs-not too hard boiled inside… This is gorgeous to look at: creamy yellow hummus, bright red peppars, gorgeous greens of all shades…but it’s the fresh, succulent taste that will grab you. I lightly steam up several leaves and save the rest in a glass bowl with a lid in the fridge for easy fixings the next time around. The collards are pliant and slighly sweet contrasting wonderfully with the sweet cruch in the center. ENJOY!

  9. Pollyanna says:

    They look amazing, thanks for sharing. It would be fab to have a recipe, maybe you can ask him to do a guest spot and share one??

    Thanks I enjoy your blogs.