Mike Adams

November 11 , 2012



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  1. Judi Johnson says:

    This is really really interesting information. Is it possible to get a printed version please.

    Judi J

  2. Bob says:

    Many thanks Alex, for these four video interviews. Great info about our basic human health and nature. Rock on…

  3. ANN says:

    very interesting and informative
    thank you

  4. Ines says:

    Finally Mike hits the nail on the head. The analogy with the car and our body is great. This is what our MEN and some stubborn women will understand !!
    I hope these few sentences will be picked up by the media and diffused for everyone to hear.
    Well Done.

  5. Mike Hall says:

    Thank You so much for this series of videos and the outstanding Simply Raw:Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.

    Keep the super information and inspiration coming … PLEASE!!

  6. Lois Ferrara says:

    Thank you for posting this series of interviews. Especially since you don’t seem to have an agenda to sell anything except good health. There are days I could just scream when I see what most people eat on a daily basis!

  7. Carmen Balko says:

    Absolutly love this info..God Bless everyone who is responsible for doing so…I know from experience how life
    saving and bennificial it is to make lives better, more full
    of energy thus touching other lives in a positive way…I
    truely believe one life at a time really touches many others

  8. julie B says:

    thank you so much for this information. its really nice to hear people talk about such a charged subject with intelligence and truth. I am a type 1 diabetic and although I still have to take insulin, I am hopeful and am in search of positive people who can help me figure out how to regain total health in my body again. I offer this as a suggestion to include more talk about the possibilities for type 1 diabetics and how to achieve that.
    Thanks again for your wonderful work

  9. DAVID says:

    Thank you to you, Alex, and your guest speakers for generously providing these four videos and the life changing information within them.

    love and gratitude, David

  10. Really exceptional material, gentlemen.

    Alex, your movie has made the rounds here in my home. More than once someone has looked at me like, as Mike said “raw is such a radical way to live”.

    Yet my daughter savors the neighbors apples, stealing them every chance she gets. She knows they are better, in every way, than the ones from the store.

    Thanks for being a beacon for the raw food movement. It’ll be nice when someday, it’s not considered a movement at all. Just the way it is.

    The alternative? Soylent Green.

  11. Eliezer says:

    Poor nutrition progressively degrades inner body terrain making the body more succeptable to cancer. Diabetes is therefore, an expression of inner body terrain collapse caused by diet. In fact, diabetes could be viewed as a stage in the cancer process. The purpose of cancer, a fungus like any mushroom in the forest, being that of recycling of the body into usable compost. Only in identifying what the purpose of cancer is, can we identify a remedy. Like all organic material, the human body is also subject to the carbon cycle. Language has been co-opted to engineer & distort perception, thus we have a walk FOR cancer, FOR heart disease & even FOR AIDS. Orwellian speak is wherein the negative – cancer & heart disease becomes the positive, & the positive like raw milk, becomes the negative. Cognitive dissonance comes to mind. So, even though we may wish to negate or remedy the ravages of cancer, we walk FOR it. Would we therefore have a walk FOR sickness? Probably not because this would be too obvious. Why not a walk FOR health & health freedom? The people must demand their unlienable right to health, because knowledge is health, and health IS freedom.

  12. Trish says:

    Great info!! Diabetes can also be caused by high stress levels because cortisol elevates insulin, leading to insulin resistance. Eating too frequently can also lead to Hypoglycemia, which eventually can lead to Diabetes.

  13. David A. says:

    A reversal/cure for diabetes in 30 days is a remarkable feat and this information should be headline news!
    Many lives can not only be saved, but the quality of life of those with diabetes can be vastly improved with this simple information.

    I know that what you say is valid because I am 65, I take no OTC meds., or prescription meds.
    This I believe is due to my living a healthy lifestyle going back to the hippie days of the ’60′s when we would eat macro-biotic foods, grow food in boxes, etc.
    So I know that this is valid.

    There ought to be a way to get this vital information to the masses.
    However, that may prove to be futile as I know from experience that most people do not want to listen but simply have so much blind faith in their doctors, and in the health ‘care’ system.

    I think what you are doing is one of the greatest gifts to mankind today, and I personally want to thank you for your work in the area of true health care.

    David A.

  14. Teryl Davis says:

    Thank you so much for this series of videos on diabetes. Is it possible to receive this series on dvd? I would like to view it again and again and pass it on.

    Thanks again,

  15. Vicki says:

    Excellent info – especially like Mike’s & Joel’s videos. Thanks guys for reminding people that self blame isn’t even correct. AND, Alex, please let people know that now that they know WHAT to do, if they can’t get themselves to DO it – skip the blame game and go find help through EFT or any of the many other energy tools that clear the subconscious obstacles to doing what we know to do.

    Because knowing is only 1/3 of the battle. Doing is key and why waste 5 more years blaming ourselves for being weak-willed and not getting results only to figure out later that it’s trapped emotions, subconscious beliefs and energy disruptions in our way. Alex, add that one piece of info so people have ALL the info to make the changes they want. XOXOXO Vicki

  16. Eliezer says:

    “Bee colony collapse disorder,” is also “human colony collapse disorder.” Both are predicated upon a degradation & collapse of inner & outer body terrain. In environmental terms, we may view our bees as the “miner’s canary” of our surface terrain. If the bees perish because of a toxic terrain, pathogenic microbes WILL prevail. To correct our present direction, we must return to att-one-ment with nature, our fellow man & Creator. Rather than adversarial, we must strive to be complimentary.

  17. Christine says:

    True that….well done! Love the vegan vs not argument.
    Honestly, some do well on vegan some don’t that is per individual! There isn’t a perfect TRIANGLE diet plan for all. Except for of course the less it’s been altered the better it is for you part. Raw should be the major part of all earthlings diet plan. Clean food and water!
    IS it blood type, climate and ancestory…maybe I don’t experiment how do YOU feel…journal. you know you best!

  18. Esti Allina says:

    My husband was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago at the age of 43. He was an avid cyclist at the time, working out regularly, was not overweight, and not consuming refined sugar on a regular basis.

    He was diagnosed after having completed a 5-day, 700 kilometer bike ride. His grandfather died of complications from diabetes. My theory? The bike ride intensity put his body into extreme release energy from glycogen mode and when he stopped, his system didn’t ‘gear down’ and kept releasing the same amount of glycogen as if his body needed the energy for 7 hours of bike riding per day. All his levels were in the stratosphere: triglycerides, sugars – many times the normal limit. He has controlled it through diet and exercise.

    I think his case is an exception to what you describe, for sure. He is very healthy and the most healthy diabetic I know!

    I think what you say about ‘being radical’ all boils down to that people don’t want to take responsibility for their choices and would rather have major surgery, then eat a normal, healthy diet.

    What is sold in the grocery store for the most part isn’t ‘food’. It’s mostly processed, adulterated disease-promoting products. How strange that there needs to be a special store or section for ‘health food’! Doesn’t that make the rest of the store ‘un-health food’?

  19. Diana says:

    Hey guys,
    I have a collection of cards. Any body interested?

  20. Alison M Leigh says:

    This is the best health care plan that each and every American should implement immediately. Then we wouldn’t have hospitals full of sick people due to eating badly and making other lifestyle choices that have made them sick.

  21. Cathy says:

    Mike & Alex,

    Thank you so, so much for being such an amazing inspiration for healthy and positive living! You are so passionate about sharing your wealth of knowledge with others, and with such enthusiasm. I have learned so much from both of you and I continue to show others that we are all perfect and beautiful, inside and out. If we treat our bodies and minds with the utmost respect, every cell in our body smiles with joy and we become our best selves! Love you both! CATHY

  22. Lyn Evans says:

    This film changed my life. I believe that diabetes can be reversed. I have been 100% raw since August 25th. My FBS has come down from over 400 to around 200 so far. I have been diabetic for many years and realize it will take a long time to reverse. I will stick to it forever.

  23. Wilf says:

    great information. i never realized just how much our diet or lack of i should say, really effects our health and quality of life in general. keep up the great work and educate us so we may one day be rid of 90% of our so called “illnesses” and be a healthy and happier society. awesome.


  24. Bob Jennings says:

    Sirs: Tell me, what does the “thirty” in your name mean?

  25. Darlene says:

    I finally was able to download the video. Great information for anyone willing to listen and take Mike’s advice! Very simple – it’s all a matter of eating “whole unprocessed unadulterated foods” including raw dairy if someone wishes and is able to find it, grass fed poultry, beef and pork, wild salmon, etc. It tastes so much better when it’s organic and wild!

  26. Michele Cosby says:

    World Diabetes Day is just 3 days off. As Mike Adams suggested, it should be called We Can Already Cure Diabetes Day. See how you can reverse diabetes (just a symptom of bad food choices) in 30 days.

  27. Lisa says:

    Thank you for making the distinction between type 2 diabetes ( a condion of lifestlye) and Type 1 ( auto immune disease). I wish the medical folks put it clear to the public as you do.


  28. Colleen Decker says:

    Great video!

  29. aubrey says:

    Always I can make time to watch Mike Adams.

  30. Roslynne says:

    I find the information fantastic, well worth applying. Hope more people take notice and improve their health for themselves and their families. I have been into natural health for many years and natural remedies which I find work very well. Keep up the good work.

  31. Lee says:

    I have not come across one case of cancer, diabetes T2, or heart disease in anyone following a raw organic non-soy vegan diet. Please let me know if you know of one.

  32. joy says:

    Mike you ROCK!!!!!!

  33. vivencio avila says:

    This GREAT Alex. Can we have a PDF printed form of this videos please. I travel an hour to and from work. At least I can read this info whilst all are busy sleeping on the train.

  34. connie sartain says:

    Thanks so much for spreading the word. You guys do such a fine job of ‘simply’ sharing the simple truth.

  35. Ed says:

    WOW! Great info. Can’t wait to view the VIDEO>

  36. peggie says:

    I’ve heard all four speakers, now I’m waiting for this film that they are all refering to.

  37. Steven Hall says:

    This is Great. The Video was really slow to load and Play. You are so right type 2 diabetes is total reversible Simply with Diet and Exerciser. The challenge is the mind set and education. We can help watch this ABC Special on the Gastric Mind Band.
    This helps with the poor decision making and peoples poor relationships with Food.

  38. Sandra says:

    Thank you Mike and friends for your help in the video. My husband had a massive heart attack and stroke as a result of the drugs Avandia and Glucophage for his diabetes 2. He is now off all drugs except the insulin and struggling to regain his health. We both eat a lot better now but my husband has a long way to go. Thanks again for opening our eyes.

  39. This is GREAT!
    I am a SUPER fan of Mike Addams. He is the bravest man I know and stands up for what he believes in. Hope for the future rests with these guys! Keep this information rolling. Send the link to everyone you know. Some one may just be “right” for it today! We all have to start somewhere on the journey to health!

  40. I have been following and promoting Mike “Health Ranger” Adams for many years now. He has solid common sense health information. I look forward to promoting the Raw for Thirty Video on my blog. Great interview!

  41. Connie Sloan says:

    Thanks for your commitment to educating the world on how to live healthier happier lives.

  42. Jan Yttergaard says:

    Again, thank you for making the videos, and making them available!

  43. Delia Peart says:

    Hi Alex i enjoy watching the video, it was very informitive. I teaches food and nutrition and from that video i came up with an activity for my students for world diabetes day. Thank you. How do we realy eat healthy in a country where almost every thing are imported.


    Hi I enjoyed the cd and have passed it on to a friend to watch. No where in the video does it give what to eat and when & quantity (raw veg and fruit). Grains? What sort of menu did the group of people have?. what do we use when the fruit and veg we get from the local supemarket is u/s.

  45. Very educational! Keep up the good work!

  46. ATM says:

    The series was excellent. How do we get the method. It’s, of course, inspiring to hear about the results and to feel pumped up to get started, but now that we are at the gate, is there a book that guides you through the thirty days? What should I be preparing? How do I get my body preped to start? Late to the game. Thanks

  47. Jennifer Smith says:

    Excellent information, thanks.

  48. Dorian Clouser says:

    I find hope. I am trying to become healthier.

  49. Rick Barraza says:

    Very Insightful !!!! RawEarthling

  50. Don says:

    This comment is for the people that “don’t get it” and think eating meat and dairy is ok. You’re obviously going on VERY limited information and if you took just a couple of days to research vegan and raw food lifestyle you would find out why people are advocating it. Here’s just a few things to clue you in. Human beings have the teeth of an herbivore and more importantly human beings have the digestive tract and bowels of an herbivore. Cow’s milk is for baby cows; that’s why they are FAT and that’s why humans get FAT drinking it. It’s liquid meat. No animal on earth is stupid enough to drink mother’s milk after childhood so why are humans? AND no animal on earth drinks the mother’s milk of a different animal. Get your facts straight and do the research and most importantly use your brain!

  51. Brinda says:

    All 4 videos have very important messages in them.
    keep up the good work informing every one how important it is
    to eat healthy.

  52. Sueli Tilson says:

    You said that bad nutrition can cause diabetic and cancer too. I always eat very healthy and did a lot of exercise and I still got Leukemia. I eat a lot of raw food, and lately I noticed that I cannot absorb raw vegetable too well. I take enzymes, probiotic and Betaine and still have indigestion. Any advise?

    Thank you,

  53. Great information. I have been working on getting my wife to change her diet for months without success. Like her, people are tied into a system that they believe works. Coming from me or all those other radical people it just can’t be true. The Government, drug companies, food processing plants, drug stores, doctors, etc aren’t going to tell you to do things that are bad for you and we know for a fact that McDonald’s, Burger King and all the rest have healthy food for you to eat. Ge, they put lettuce and tomato on their burgers don’t they.
    Keep up the good work and keep spreading the word.

  54. Rene Glucklich says:

    This info is super, people need to hear this.

    I am controlling my diabetes with diet & exercise (walking)

  55. Paul Kemp says:

    This is good information which is needed to counter all the misinformation and lies that keep people eating artificial, chemical-infused foods.

    It is odd that, since we live in a “free” society in the USA, food manufacturers are free to make and market foods that over a period of years turn people fat, infirm, and ugly. Foods — and I hesitate here to use that word — that slowly kill people should be illegal. But instead, their sale is subsidized and even blessed by the Department of Agriculture; whereas, any statement about the benefits of vitamins or even foods that can prevent or heal disease is liable to be prosecuted.

    Looked at objectively, it would be easy to surmise that our government here doesn’t want Americans to live to collect Social Security for 30 years. It makes you wonder.

    May God bless you all for your efforts to get the truth out to people. I was most moved by Dr. Fuhrman’s presentation, perhaps because the production quality was best.

    Keep up the good work! Thank you all!

  56. Lynn H Wilson says:

    I really appreciated your attitude as far as finding a cure for Diabetes. I see pt all the time who suffer from this disease and all it’s complication. Prevention and curing it is a better direction to go in! I am rather new to the whole idea of raw but am interested in learning more about this type of non cooking solution.

  57. b says:

    How do i purchase a copy of the simply raw video?…

  58. Luceria says:

    Good Job! Well done interviews with excellent information. I really appreciate you getting this out there.

  59. Eugene says:

    Thanks for the great video series. Very good information.

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