Dr. Joel Fuhrman

November 11 , 2012



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  1. Horace Matthews says:

    Awesome and incredible. A must do.

  2. Russ says:

    Thank you Dr. Fuhrman for educating people about natural.I took steroid’s for 50 yrs. Stop taking them five yrs. ago and havn’t been to a doctor since. The FDA is making billions of dollars off the people who ARE NOT educated about eating healthy. Like the Dr. said there tons of great ways to make delicious meals from vegtables and fruits.Down with drugs and up and away with natural. Keep up the good work. thanks again Russ

  3. Kyle Wiley says:

    I truly believe this! I hardly even notice my fibromyalgia since I’ve been eating much more raw and organic!!

  4. Paul says:

    For the last 2 years I have been researching alternate medicines and diets. This one confirms all my findings. Sadly Doctors are not taught this as they are under the influence of the Pharma drug lords.

  5. guillermo patterson says:

    Thank you Dr.JOEL on covering various and complex side of health

  6. Theresa Uribe says:

    I get very excited when I hear doctors and knowledgable people speak on health and nutrition like Dr. Joel Furhman. I wish there were more knowledgable doctors like him out there. The problem that I have found over the years is that nutrition like politics and religion are tough topics to convince others of. Americans have been brain washed and we are a convenience driven society. We are always in a hurry and on the go. Americans don’t want to wait. Taking a pill is faster and easier. When we get sick the thought of not trusting our conventional doctor is almost unamerican. My prayer is that as more americans become aware of eating raw that we are able to spread the truth worldwide. Thanks Dr. Furhman for studying and researching to help pave the way for us.

  7. Lezlie Ely says:

    Dr. Fuhrman,
    I wish you were my Dr., although mine tries, it’s obvious he’s fr. the typical old school. It’s such a sad situation that the support for Healthy Living isn’t there, mostly because of $$$(big business)! We really do have to be our own Physician to a degree.
    I myself try to eat fairly healthymost of the time, although when you are cooking for someone else also who doesn’t like most of the healthier alternatives, it doesn’t help. Also certain things are really hard to give up. Find me something raw that tastes as good as a thick juicy cheese burger and I’m there!
    Thanks for sharing ~ Lezlie

  8. Debra Simmons Johnson says:

    Hello Dr. Fuhrman,

    Thank you for giving true health care information. This is excellent. Our bodies were created by God to heal itself if eat the proper nutrients in raw fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides and not genetically modified. Please continue to give us the truth about how to gain and maintain health through nutrition.

    Debra Simmons Johnson

  9. Thank you for doing your part to save the planet

  10. denise says:

    i would just like to say i love this web site educate your self just love listening reading every thing about health products it changes your life i no that every person fears cancer and other dieases i like every body knows some one who got cancer or been treated for cancer or died of cancer but i my self if ever diagnosed with cancer no way i would go to hospital to be treated with chemotherapy or any other drug because iv educated my self on natural remedies to cure myself iv always been a healthy eater for the last 20 years but just recently the last year i wasent has healthy has i thought last winter i had swine flu and pnemonia i was realy ill i thought i was gona die from november write up till the end of febuary i must of taken 8 differant courses of antibiotic but none worked in between was taken my own remedies mostly raw garlic honey raw fruit veg but was still ill i had a cough from hell that wouldent clear up well i am fifty years old and a smoker very bad habit i do hadmit so my doctor wanted to do an xray which i refused because if it was lung cancer i did not want to no well i scoured the web for cures bingo i wont say what it was but this order came within five days by this time i coughed so bad my ribs ached when my order came saturday morning 2days monday everthing cleared i was fit has fiddle has if i never been ill then i was reading news paper and came across young women men half my age who had died of the swine flu pnemonia when i mentioned it to a nurse at the health centre i mentioned about people dieing from swine flu and wondered how i who was lot older and smoked did not die i mentioned what vitamins and health foods i was eaten when i was ill but i dident say what cured me she said you must of had a better stronger imune system
    i no now that was possible i no for certain im keeping well away from antibiotic and doctors this year because you under grond health and educate your self and other health sites have opend my eyes ears to other amazing alternative natural healing foods supplements and to keep your oxygen levels high and food to keep your cell fighting fit thanks to the internet and website like yours brilliant just like to say one last word it greives me to no what iv learnt people and i say my husband daughter family friends no matter what i say to them what iv educated myself on health natural cures there reply is dont believe what you heard or read on the web it load of rubbish its like banging me head againt brick wall some people dont want to no of any natural cures there either ignorant or just like been ill there doctor treat and knows best so i say let them take there prescription medication well im a great fan of natural cures keep up the good work denise fingers crossed i havent been ill since the swine flu if i happen to get the flu this year im ready to nip it in the bud less its bye passed me im surronded with flu victims me kids and grand kids all take care

  11. Gabriele Bajin says:

    Wonderful to know that a Dr. actually realizes pill popping is not the way to heal the body.
    KNOWLEDGE of nutrition is a powerful thing.We need to start hearing from many different sources how to enjoy raw foods and the importants of it in our daily life.
    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  12. lisa says:

    Good Information. Wish there was a way to get this out to the elderly..most dont have internet.

  13. Niels says:

    Great information. Eating raw not only improves your health greatly, it also saves the environment and makes is possible to feed a much larger population with much less food.

  14. Sarah says:

    This is life changing and I take it to heart. Looking for good recipes.

  15. Rita Muller says:

    Thank you Dr Fuhrman…… many of us agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

    The real problem is changing the medical/pharmaceutical profession who have a direct profit motive (even if they are not consciously aware of it) for indoctrinating their patients to go the hard drug route. I have tried to educate my doctor about a few things…. and he just laughs at me! I tried to educate a specialist on something once…. and he became derisive and clearly annoyed.

    But maybe they’ll listen to you since you have more credibility……. but woe betide you if either of those professions perceive you as a personal/professional threat!!!

  16. Deano says:

    Life style changes are an interesting topic. Healthy foods even more interesting. There reason we have difficulty in getting this message out is that there is only a few carries which get gut off at the pass. The problem we have is us. We have created an enviironment of greed through the large coperate comapanies. I am no different. I own several shares in companies that I am sure drive the types of behaviour we all detest but i still expect them to make larger profits in hope that I will get a return so that it may help me get ahead. In doing this we have created a society that is where it is today. It would be good to turn back the clock and reprogram humans in many ways including nutrition.

  17. Donald J. Porter says:

    Chemically polluted food causes almost ALL American diseases as our IMMMUNE sytems get overwhelmed. These blow listed parasites want to eliminate organic & small farm competition !! So what if Americans are getting sickened-maimed & killed.
    Profits come 1st – Right ??

    I suggest including this
    I beat stage IV metastasized prostate cancer with organic etal diet NO chemo or radiation as have MANY others

  18. Jan says:

    WOW….. Found this video quite thought provoking yet totally believeable.
    I may have found just what I am looking for to improve who I am to get me to who I want to be.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information and I look forward to watching the remaining videos.

  19. Ann Marie Frodel says:

    As I listened to Dr. Fuhrman discussing the reversal of many types of illness by the use of whole foods as opposed to drugs, I wondered if he or any other practicioner in this field has ever been able to effect any change in the health of people dealing with mental problems such as bipolar syndrome or depression. I would be very curious to learn more about this since like all our other more “physical” diseases, these mental diseases also seem to have increased during the past fifty years or so. Perhaps this is because there is currently more openness about mental health issues, but since our brain is a stew of chemicals like the rest of our body, it seems possible to me that the chemicals which may or may not be present in foods would also have an impact there.

  20. transito says:

    wonderfull video looking forword to sunday,thank you so very much you have opend my eyes as a freand of mine has type 1 Diabetes.
    regards Transito.

  21. Cazz says:

    I did know this stuff but I have forgotten over the years.
    I need to loose a lot of weight. I currently weigh 246lb and I am only 5’4″. I needed to hear this today. Thank you

  22. shukri says:

    Would you please put it in a PDF?
    The material needs to be read carefully…
    Thank You very much.

  23. susan says:

    This vidio really educated me i will give it a go and get back to you?

  24. mary says:

    We should listen to Dr F’s Video over and over again enabling us to take responsibility for our own health and help others.

  25. Rajendran says:

    Agree 100% and I am very glad that such information is disseminated to the society thr’ such alternative media(traditional media are controlled by the ‘drugs’mafia(yes, Pharmaceutical bigwigs. As a matter of fact let me point out here, this concept is not new to Oriental cultures, particularly India where the practice of “Ayurveda”(a vedic holistic Health system)existed from centuries, but got sidelined with the advance of secular concept of science. It shall be in the interest of humanity that we should spread this message across. May all in this world be blessed by right knowledge and natural living. Thanks to the ‘Simply Raw’ team on behalf of Humanity – Rajendran

  26. royston says:

    WONDERFUL NEWS! Perfect for my W U N goals that represent WAKE UP NOW obviously including health, diet, attitude and FREEDOM! Phytochemicals are SO GREAT and available through Mannatech marketers.

  27. Chet says:

    Ah information that challenges my thought, steps on my toes…asks for me to accept or reject….I Accept!

  28. ED says:

    Hi Dr Fuhrman,
    I enjoyed your 20 min video. WE all should spread this good news and information about healthy diet, natural diet.
    Fresh vegetables and fruits and nuts are the real MEDICINE, not man made drugs,causing bad side affects, and not healing.
    Big PHARMA rakes billions of dollars ,keeps promoting their products tru TV commercials. So , there are others bad parties / financial interests / in bed with BIG PHARMA , that do not care about general public health .
    In our cruisade ,we should resist them at any cost, and above all, lets eat well balance natural food.
    This video is like a bible, like many I saw before , but to the point, that average persone can understand.
    Thank you, Dr.J Fuhrman
    Ed L.

  29. Carolynn says:

    Brilliant Dr.Joel

    Will pass this along to family & Friends.

    And thank you Bob Proctor & friends for suggesting this video.


  30. Sharon says:

    This is so true…we should all eat more raw and healthy foods..

  31. Raw foods,Positive life changing answers to our health issues.

  32. ralitza hristova says:

    I agree 100%.This is exactly what I think of the
    so called “western medicine” and way of life.
    When I became 18 I radically changed my diet at once
    and the efect was amazing. I have became as slim as I wanted and my complexion has improved without much effort
    or expences.
    Besides,if one is not intoxicated,herbal remedies become more effective and they do not have side effects, so most of the “pills” become useless.

  33. Donna Kinker says:

    Dr. Jorl Fuhrman: I had 2 anuisms in 95, they clipped in VIRIGINA. JAN 16 2008 I had a different one Rupputured 7mm and long story. It affected my blood pressure and my asleep and awake. My Mother died when I was 5 in TEXAS of one , they didn’t know what was wrong.with her. 1962. I have a Question? Can my Brain tell my body to act a different way now that I have gone through all of this.I eat very good. And feel that I am healthy.

  34. Isabel says:

    As a person that got cured from Crohn’s disease through wholesome nutrition, advanced herbalism and stress management I can testified that you can eradicate sickness through your diet. Watch this video and take charge of your health. Drugs are not the answer to chronic diseases, they just mask the symptoms.

  35. Lorraine Dodds says:

    Finally doctor’s are on board!! It takes a lot of courage and determination to speak the truth of eating healthy lifestyle. Because I’m sure they are viewed by a mass of people as being quacks!! Some people are simply not interested in becoming better, they just want the quick fix(pills)but it never work!! And some don’t know any better. Congratulations and keep up the great work!! Together we will succeed in being more conscious about eating a healthy diet. Hats off to anyone helping us in doing so.

  36. Keep Up the GREAT WORK…..GOOD informative information to EAT well and STAY well: Body Mind and Soul…..! JOEL is GOOD!

  37. Jane Freidel says:

    Wow! I am so impressed by this video. The last one was good too and I look forward to the rest. I ordered the video set yesterday and the Tree of life 21 day book and can’t wait until they get here. If I had the money I would be at the Tree of Life clinic for a month! I will save up-no vacation could compare. I am already vegan, don’t eat much processed food and don’t use salt. Just started high raw. Wish I could get my spouse on board with all of this. He really needs it. Thank you so much!!!

  38. Diana Auld says:

    This is so true.Follow the natural remedies – Natural food, Exercise, Water (inside & outside), Sunlight, Temperance, Fresh Air, Rest Recreation Sleep, & Trust in a Higher Power (along with good Friendship Network & Positive Thinking) and sickness will be a stranger to us

  39. Sue Curtis says:

    I’ve always thought that obese people kept on eating because they were malnourished … because they were hungry.

  40. Carol Bennett says:

    God Bless you, Dr. Fuhrman, I would love to know a doctor like you! You are so right about everything. Although I live in Italy and the quality of food is generally better, even here, the situation is getting more and more like in the States with people popping pills for everything and eating more and more junk food…which is very sad. I just heard that prop. 37 was defeated in California…the drug/processed food/OGM cartel is so powerful but we can only continue to pray that people will someday wake up,fight back and demand the truth. Thank you again for what you are doing.

  41. Hong,Thang says:

    Thank you doc for a very eye opening facts that most drug companies are trying to hide the real facts. Healthy diets is critical for our health.

  42. Yes, raw is amazing! I have just finished 4 weeks of 100% raw and haven’t felt this much life in my body in years! So excited about how much better I can feel.

  43. Michael says:

    While I totally agree that plant based foods are nutrient dense, I totally disagree about animal protein and fat. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution that is ingrained in our genes is based on man eating animal protein and fats. The only difference in today’s world is processed, antibiotic laced animal protein and cheap inflammatory vegetable oils is man’s. I don’t want to eat those things either. But I do want to eat naturally raised grass fed meat and healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil and good saturated fats. I also have my green smoothies, but I do not avoid good, healthy animal protein and fats.

  44. Great information! People need to educate themselves about nutrition, how to cure cancer naturally or better how not to get cancer – by eating healthy and simple meals, think positive and eliminate chemicals and artificiality from our lives! I wish people will wake up one day and start to do more research on this topic. Thank you, Dr. Fuhrman!

  45. Paul Collins says:

    Hopefully, I can get myself off the BADFOOD, PERSCRIPTION DRUG WAGON and get healthy again. I’m 54 and have seen my belly get bigger and my overall general health decline rapidy in the last 5 years. One of my oldest and best friends went green and healthy about 6 months ago and he has lost serious weight and is in great shape. Watching your video will hopefully motivate me to do the same. Thanks for shedding a light on what’s really behind all of the health problems in the US. Mostly greed and ignorance!

  46. lynne says:

    Information such as this is unfortunately so rarely heard.
    It is so vital that we pass this on to everyone we know.

  47. Terry Reich says:

    makes so much sense just need people to listen open minded

  48. Vanessa says:

    This is amazing info. I started changing my diet and eating more raw food and drinking green smoothies and I truly feel the change in my body better and more energized than before. I will definetely share with friends with diabetes and other kind of diseases. Thank you for all your work and sharing and helping us to be healthy.

  49. Dr Eli Mama says:

    Wonderful to hear a fellow medical Doctor speak so candidly about eating good food containing phytonutrients and health and less dependence on drugs. I wish more emphasis is placed on this in all medical schools despite opposition from drug companies. Future generations will benefit and the cost of health care will be a third or even less. Governments should spend more on education on this line of healthy eating and less on curative knowledge. Dr Joel’s message should be spread all over the world. Thank you Dr Joel Fuhrman. Remain blessed.

  50. Christina says:

    Thank you Dr Joel. My husbands cardio surgeon said” if we never want to see him again” ( the surgeon ),” then get the book Eat to Live and follow Dr Fuhrman. That was 2 years ago . We are all better and much happier! Thank you , thank you! Please come to Hawaii , we want a seminar here!

  51. Eleanor says:

    that was very informative, I appreciate all the information. I like listening to you because you have such a passion that the information you are giving is so important.

  52. John Houston says:

    Loved it. I’m recovering from a stroke in May of this year. After ignoring nutrition and it’s value. Even though I worked out five times a week I could not bring my blood pressure down and my blood sugar was still high. Well needless to say after changing my diet all systems are recovering and I’m well on my way to better health. A Big Thank You too you and Dr. Fuhrman.

  53. tane says:

    I would just like to say that in the past 2-3 years I have changed my lifestyle for the better I was so unhappy 3 years ago I felt fat I was a smoker I only ate maccas and 3 yrs later I am a non smoker I am thiner I feel awesome my son and husband also eat raw they both are much better my husband feels awesome and my now 5 yr old loves raw foods dislikes meat and his behaviour is much better. I am now able to work nights with very little over tiredness and most of my customers think I am 18 when I am 30 lol eating raw has improved my youthful looking skin and i am soooooo greatful Thankyou to u and the help of bodyecology

  54. Kathi says:

    If you haven’t seen this film yet, I canNOT urge you enough to WATCH it! It is SO important and necessary…even if you don’t have or know anyone who has diabetes. It’s eye-opening and encouraging.

  55. Bron says:

    It just makes such sense. I changed my breakfast to raw oats plus many goodies of linseed, nuts, bran, fruits, fresh ginger, juice instead of milk, a really good yoghurt on top and I feel great. I lost some weight about 8kg and I think I am a healthy weight now, but what was so interesting is having so much more energy. My blood pressure has never been bad but it is now even better. I try to eat as much fruit and veg as I can. My diet could still be a little better but I am working on it. Well said Dr Fuhrman!!

  56. Iris Ainsworth says:

    Thanks for the Truth

    It’s good to know that not every Medically Qualified person is pushing drugs for the Drug Cartels.

  57. Judith says:

    You say it so well. I’ve been asking people to think about what foods they are eating that may be causing their symptoms. I can’t use dairy or eggs and the symptoms I have are not the typical gastrointestional upsets. When I used to eat these foods (before I realized the connection) I would have painful joints, nausea, exhaustion, sleepyness, confused thinking, and gallbladder symptoms as well as edema. Sometimes just flat out in bed for 2 days sick. Not typical. Not easy to connect the dots. My question is how many people are taking medications just for symptoms they have that are created by food sensitivities they don’t connect.

  58. adelina says:

    Sooooo, true.!

  59. Yorrie says:

    Thank-you! I am working at eating foods that are nutrient rich and I do feel the difference! I battle with fatigue and am told it is MS.I think a lot of people these days are making a change,your video is very inspiring.Again,thank-you!

  60. Nancy Nolan-Jones says:

    Makes good sense to me. I watched you on PBS and very, very glad to have this reminder today as I get ready to take Chemo and radiation. I will spread the word so my family and others don’t have to get to the extreme of where I am.

    Sincere Thanks for your work and efforts to help us become healthy. It does not fall on death ears with me.

  61. Michelle says:

    Outstanding video – thank you! So inspiring and such common sense. My one wish is that everyone would find the courage to transform their life through eating well.

  62. deneese says:

    thanks for sharing. presentation was just great. there should be more medical people like you around,to help prevent rather than treat symptoms.

  63. Omar says:

    What about raw animals (offal, meats, eggs, milk)?. I’ve even heard adrenal glands contain enough vitamin C, I mean eating them.

  64. Cora says:

    Very informative.

  65. Silvia says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Fuhrman. He’s totally right about the transformation that comes after starting a raw foods diet, I have experienced it myself. Thanks for the video!

  66. Rula says:

    That was very pointed and on the money! Thank you for all the reminders to keep me on track. Old habits have a strong hold. Your explanation of “symptoms” was most helpful too. Symptoms are life giving unlike suppressants which are life denying. Thank you.

  67. Caroline says:

    Highly impressive. The honesty and good
    will literally made me cry

  68. Kiran Thakker says:

    You say the truth,why people don’t understand this and use
    their own body and thoughts for self healing,it is God given.

  69. Janice says:

    Hi Dr. Joel,
    This is some of the most vital information on health. We really need to know the pros and cons about our body. You are an “Angel” sent to informed us. I am very grateful for this information and you.

    Thank you


  70. Anne says:

    Thanks for the amazing information I know this I must just start implementing it …

  71. Dr. Fuhrman: I love the content of this video piece. Everything you talk about, i.e.e.g. removing toxins, using natural foods and nutrient density to repair damages, has worked for me. I was disabled 20 years ago with neurological,connective-tissue, and rheumatological “like” symptomolgy concurrent with an enormous chemical overload.
    Removing as many toxins as possible while applying juicing and food strategies restored much of my natural good health and I was able to work for 10 years without any medical claims or sick leave!

  72. jan lasalle says:

    I am addicted to Dr Furhman and his well reasearched information. I heard him speak at Whole Foods and was impressed by his energy and passion..I trusted him..of all the health doctors out there I think his advice is the best…He says make the salad the main meal and I try to do that. I keep watching these videos to keep me inspired. There is no doubt in my mind that a vegan diet is the best way to go…I have healed myself…look 20 years younger than I am…for starters get rid of meat and dairy(sick food)…and keep listening to Dr Furhman. You need to supplement with B-12. , DNA-EpA drops and a gentle vitamin that is on his website…I also take a probiotic in the am.

  73. L.Heye says:

    Do watch this viden THEN read Dr. Fuhrman’s excellent paperback, “Eat to Live” where he gives you, the reader,
    an easy to read book full of scientifically based information to help one develop a healthier body. He even offers a week’s worth of recipes towards the end of his book along with recipes, too. Read and enjoy!

  74. L.Heye says:

    Do watch this video THEN read Dr. Fuhrman’s excellent paperback, “Eat to Live” where he gives you, the reader,
    an easy to read book full of scientifically based information to help one develop a healthier body. He even offers a week’s worth of recipes towards the end of his book along with recipes, too. Read and enjoy!

  75. Gail Blevins says:

    This doctor is right on the money about the abysmal diet of Americans and the growing diseases and deaths thereby. I have read in many books that this killing of Americans is done on purpose. The Rockefeller Institute wants to cull or kill the population on this earth by 80% as they think we have to many people on earth. I wondered if their families were the first to step up to be killed-of course not.

  76. mary forssberg says:

    Everyone should watch this video if they want to be healthy

  77. Howard O'Maley says:

    Thank you for your courage to speak the truth. I lost 60 lbs. and lowered my high blood pressure without drugs. I have no arthritis and more mental clarity.

  78. mary forssberg says:

    everyone who wants to be healthy should watch these three videos

  79. Linda S Wolfe says:

    Thanks, Dr. Fuhrman et al, for putting the truth out there for all who want to reclaim their power. You don’t have to be rich, beautiful, or highly intelligent to put this advice to work in your life, but the improved health that comes from these practices will help you reach even those goals if you so desire. Happy 2013 and beyond to all!

  80. Cathy Doolan says:

    Everyone needs to watch this video and listen to him!

  81. Angela says:

    Very well said. Every country should broadcast this 50 or 100 times a day until people get the message. It would be caring; it would be responsible; it would be the right thing to do.

  82. Ilona Fritsch says:

    Very important information everyone should be aware of.

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