Morgan Spurlock from the film “Super Size Me”

November 11 , 2012



What did you think of this video?  Did it change your perspective on food, drugs or anything else? What do you think is possible with your own health after seeing this video?


Leave us your comments below!  :)


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  1. jo russell-smith says:

    And now the British government are appointing Coca Cola & Macdonalds as advisors in the food industry,
    Good Idea?

  2. Theresa Uribe says:

    I enjoyed listening to Morgan Spurlock once again. I bought the Super Size Me dvd a few years ago and that dvd inspired me. Thanks Morgan for having the passion to send your health message throughout the world!

  3. Darlene Lundstrum says:

    I have always believed that food has a major impact on our health. I have MS and have learned that when I eat certain things I cannot hardly walk at all. But other things suddenly
    seem to make things much better. My doctor says that can’t be true and my husband gets very angry when I start believing something other than what my doctor says. My doctor ‘seems’ to have medicine that can make everything better.

    It is wonderful to know that someone else believes the way I do!

    THANK YOU!!!

  4. I’ve been following David Wolfe’s advice, slowly as it does take some time to get accustomed to this diet. My sinuses have improved and my skin is getting clearer than it ever was.

  5. Trey says:

    This video is outstanding. Our health is our most valuable asset… Education and prevention is the key; if more people would just stop wrecking their bodies and give raw and “true” nutrition and exercise a chance they would experience the most awesome change in the way they feel, think, basically an awesome improvement in all facets of their life. This is so important for the health future of our country. Hopefully, collectively we will increase the education and peoples experiences, will combine to dictate to the processed food purveyors of sickening food, that we don’t want to feel bad and sickened any longer, and hence we reject your processed, chemical ladened, nutrition stripped, toxic foods.

  6. John Carraway says:

    Back in the 60′s I began to read Carlton Fredericks, then went on to Adelle Davis, Norman Walker, Paavo Airola, and the great Bernard Jensen. All of them preached the value of raw foods. However, it wasn’t until the 21st century that I learned from Dr. Linus Pauling’s teachings that all bodily functions are dependent upon the body’s pH, which must be kept alkaline in order to maintain a healthy body. The truth is we all are living on the edge, a marginal existence, due to the lack of minerals in our diets. Therefore our bodily pH (outside the bloodstream) is acidic, which allows disease and infirmities to take hold as we grow older. The condition has nothing to do with the stomach,of course, which is normally acidic. However, the acid build-up throughout the body is undetectable because it causes no pain or suffering until the damage is done (arthritis, ulcers, diabetes, cancer, etc.). The origin of the problem is that all food turns to uric acid when it is metabolized for our survival, and the acid must be neutralized before it can be transported to the kidneys or sweat glands for removal. Free acids are not allowed in the bloodstream, or death will shortly ensue. The body must depend upon the mineral content of the food we eat in order to neutralize the acids, and if there is not enough minerals, the acid is deposited in the flesh of the body where it slowly debilitates the surrounding area. That is the nature of the beast, and why we need whole organic natural foods. It all comes down to the realization that our cooked, canned, and processed diets lack four major nutrients: 1) minerals 2) enzymes 3) antioxidants 4) proteins, and two minor nutrients: omega oils and probiotics. We must take supplements for each of those nutrients regardless of the quality of the foods we eat. Nevertheless, eating whole raw organic foods is the only diet we should follow as our primary source of energy, and the use of blender drinks is the most efficient method of consumption because we can always add supplements to the mix, and it goes down easily while I’m eating my steak or fish. See and

  7. John Carraway says:

    Addendum to my previous comment: The fly in the soup is Monsanto’s GM seeds, etc. It amounts to poisoning the well, because those demon seeds have caused death to animals and destroyed normal crops bordering on them. 90% of all soybeans are now genetically modified, and the list is growing. Please support and as much as possible and ASAP.

  8. Mary says:

    Hi Morgan
    I know what you are saying is 100% right and it seems you’ve been called to deliver the message. That is absolutely wonderful for the world and incredibly challenging for you. I think I’ve been aware of this for about 50 years way back when I started reading books in the health food stores about raw food diets. There are lots of old books out there about natural healing through eating raw food and natural food but most people don’t see them although we are more aware now. We need you to continue making movies about this and all that goes along with it. It’s a noble pursuit and people are aware, but not committed and obviously not convinced. It’s when they get sick they are at greatest risk (and weaker in resolve) to make the right decision about drugs versus changing their diet. That’s when it would be great if their doctor told them to change their diet. Not all doctors are bad people and they are starting to make the connection between lifestyle including diet, stress, exercise etc. Even more interesting are the books on energy eating. Read Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars of Russia, and books on Sunlight energy and drinking water energized by sunlight. Thanks for all you are doing to correct our illness inducing diets and return us to healthy minds and bodies. Keep up the great work and I look forward to a movie on this topic. Regards, Mary

  9. blythe says:

    Very Informative

  10. nedal says:


  11. ladino says:

    I read that a chemical used in research to induce diabetes in mice is also used to bleach white flour1

  12. stanley says:

    this is a wonderful video. i wish people would know now how easy it is for people to live healthy and reduce the cost of health care.if only our health care plan would focus more on preventive medicine and health education, then it would be a win win situation for every body.

  13. Corrine says:

    Thank you Guys for coming together and sharing Truth…. you Guys Rock!

  14. Louisa says:

    WOW!!! That was great, thank you so much for this insightful information. There is so much truth to what you say, its just amazing. Thank you once again Mr, Spurlock.

  15. Ellen says:

    You speak the truth & hit the nail on the head. As the gov’t right down to the parenting there isn’t any one teaching responsibility for any aspect of their health from child hood up. They figure that is what Health care is for & we should be able to feed the body anything like a garbage can & ‘they’ will have a magic pill to cure the problem. It just does not work that way. People forget that garbage cans contents rot so what do they think happens in the digestive tract?? People are so removed from nature & how things work that they are sure everything has to be proven ‘scientifically’ & treated with a chemical pill of some sort or another. The media is our (as a whole) is the general publics’ worst enemy. So many say what I believe in is what the ‘Health Watch” says on the TV. I am a herbalist & study nutrition as well, & only help those who want to help themselves. Other wise it is a waste of my time & theirs. I am not a Med Dr. so they don’t know if they can believe what I believe in. What they do not know is that a Med DR. only spends less than a week on nutrition & the diet in their seven yrs or so of training. They are not educated in what sustains health — good health!! In a hugh amount of the dis-eases (a lot created from Meds) the body will heal itself when fed the correct diet. Even advanced cases with persistance will come around to good health again. It doesn’t happen overnite but over several months. After all it has taken how many years to get to the state that it is in, so 6mths to a yr is not that bad to see great results. Being dedicated & presistant with the diet change is what will bring about change.We are a result of what our body absorbs in our choices. Life is what we make it.

  16. Ann Marie Frodel says:

    This video confirms what I already know and believe. I have had stage four colon cancer since it was discovered in March of 2000. I KNOW I would not be alive today if I had not taken the radical step of enrolling in the Kushi Institute’s “Way to Health” week-long seminar with the practical advantage of being fed macrobiotic food all week long at the same time I was being taught how to prepare it. While I am still dealing with cancer, I am continuing to cook as much as I possibly can from scratch with whole organic foods as the basis of my diet and as little animal protein as I can manage. I have come through recent treatments with my energy intact and hopefully can stay on the positive side of cancer survival in spite of my medical history. If I do it will be thanks to what I’m eating as well as thanks to the wonderful people, doctors and family, who are my support system and want me well. I recommend the Kushi Institute for anyone who needs a crash course in changing his/her diet overnight. I also recommend the Vegetarian Health Institute for a more nuanced online experience in understanding this new way of eating and the reasons why it works. My favorite reads are T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study and Dr. David Servan-Schribner’s Anit-Cancer, A New Way of Life. Both confirm and support what was examined during the video plus adding other insights.

  17. Teresa Davis says:

    ty for sharing and just being honest and up front about health care…..i am 28 days raw and yes it has been a struggle but this gave me encouagment to keep going for at least 60 days and i am grateful i have Dr that suggested 30 days raw……well i really want 120 but do 30 then 60 then 90 then 120 and instead of a pill…….. ty again i hope more people listen ….

  18. Lisa says:

    This just confirms what I have thought for a long time. That our health care system aids the big drug companies, not the people.

  19. Barry Davies says:

    We have the means to grow the greens to make the green smoothies from your own planters at home. We are the Australian green for life group. We are using and getting great results with orgenic, no spray mineral filled, live greens. Good eating to all raw food eaters in America.

  20. noreen says:

    Awesome video–love the speaker–he talks from his heart,,I will be sharing this with others.keep up the great work

  21. Thank you Guys for coming together and sharing Truth…. you Guys Rock!

  22. dilini says:

    its fanstic Morgan. I am going to try it.keep up the good work.Thanks once again

  23. Angiolina says:

    I have type 2 diabetes along with hypothyroid, hypertension, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia and on antidepressants. I am 58 years old.
    I have taken an old approach to healing myself…no processed foods(as much as possible)including flour, rice., no sugar other than in fruits, lots of veggies & greens. I exercise, I meditate. And I’m doing OK. I would love to go further, I sometimes don’t know what to eat, I need ideas for variety.
    I liked you video and am wondering if you may have your promo later on as I cannot, at his time, afford the
    purchase. I am Italian and so for me it was basically a case of North American Italian culture vs my Italian discipline and determination. I’m winning, I’m doing good, but I would like to get off the meds. This past July my glucose level was at 31.1 I’m now between 5 and 7 before meals and max 10 after. I do hope you will bring out another special on your videos in the new year. Oh and I am not overweight really, never was by much, it’s not true that slender people can’t have diabetes.

  24. Hortenzia says:

    great movie,
    hope everyone going to watch it!!!!!I LOVE IT!!!

  25. Excellent, but you may be preaching to the choir. How do we get this out to a more general population?

  26. David Wolverton says:

    I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 10 years ago. Both my family doctor and the endocrinologist he referred me to said my condition was incurable. I would just have to take these expensive little pills the rest of my life. I didn’t believe that, but it took quite a few years to prove them wrong. It turns out that diabetes is just a form of food poisoning. Alloxan – the bleaching agent used for white bread – kills the beta cells in your pancreas. The good news is that if you stop eating the poison, your pancreas will eventually start building new beta cells. I no longer have diabetes. Please tell all your friends.

  27. Victoria says:

    I was 95%raw for two years when I was in my early 30s. During that time I gave birth to a daughter. She is some sort of superhuman. To this day (23 years later), instinctively, she eats mostly raw, has no weight problem, no health problems, has superior intelligence, has overabundance of energy, is super motivated and has ability to focus without effort.
    After years of eating 50% raw, I recently ( 2 months) went on full raw diet again and the difference is astounding. I lost 20 pounds and at least 10 years in the way I look and feel. It is the easiest “diet” by far since after about a week you loose the feeling of hunger. In fact, I had to put on an alarm so that I remember to prepare food for family because I forget that I need to eat. It is so liberating not to have to think about food constantly.
    When you get hang of it, you can prepare a family meal in 10 minutes and it tastes delicious. I can easily see myself doing it for ever.

  28. Karen says:

    I am buying the videos. I am an organic raw vegan. I just switched about 3 weeks ago with incredible results. I am an advocate of the movement and spread the great news whenever I can.

  29. Friedrich Breimann says:

    I find the whole concept very interesting,unfortunately I’m on welfare and the prize of your CD is not affordable for me but will adopt the Raw idea in my shopping as much as I can, raw food cost more then processed food, again I have to compromise, but hope to get some benefit from the increased raw food
    thank you for sharing Friedrich Breimann

  30. Estela says:

    I think this all tru, we American need to wake up, and start eating more raw food to became a more healthy, I myself after turning 60 was put in a lot of drugs for evrething and when I ask the Doctors how to loose weight and prevent taking medicine, I never had a good answer only that I have yo take B/P medication for the rest of my live. I then investigate Thanks to the computer and google search and the internet and program like this with David Wolf I found ways to keep me healthy and programs like yours in this tape help me to wake up.,
    And I was sable to get rid of my blood Pressure medication, by eating raw food, eliminating salt, and sugars. Today I am healthy without blood Pressure medication, and When I go to the Doctor they only say wathever you are doing is good, keep doing it. the last B/P was 90/60
    My background is I am a retired Register Nurse, and still learning about the Medical Industry.
    Thank You for people like you there is a hope for Americans.

  31. Denise M. says:

    My family and I are doing a raw food cleanse come Jan 1!! Looking forward to it!

  32. Marion says:

    Informative and well done! Good point about the cost of healthy food vs.the unhealthy food!

  33. Nancy Krebs says:

    I purchased this video just this past year, and was enchanted by the stories of each individual–and how they reversed their diabetes in just 30 short days. I am a true believer in raw foods, or at the very least–moving back to eating the least processed food we can! Bravo to all who made this wonderful film!

  34. federico penserini says:

    The simple fact that our governments will not even give us the right to know what we are fed by the major producers by simple food labeling is appaling!
    No wonder so many people are sick. Look at the movies and documentaries from the 50′s and 60′s and you will notice one big detail, there were no overweigh people back then ( or hardly any ). We are letting the food industry feed us nothing but the least expensive to grow!

  35. Dustin says:

    Funny! Morgan mentioned “needles in your skin”. I would agree (and I’m half laughing now), but I tried acupuncture from a blind Japanese man. I was crazy amazed! My back had been out for over 6 months and then I was finally walking upright. I don’t know how, but it worked.

  36. Ken Velker says:

    I enjoyed the video very much. It didn’t Change my perspective on food as I’ve known for a while that food has been supporting my resistant high blood pressure. In the video you talk about diabetes. My concern is high blood pressure. It seems like it would help people with hbp as well, wouldn’t it?

  37. Carol says:

    Diabetes runs in my family. I’m overweight and I’m concerned that I will one day become diabetic, also. It is not a place were I want to be. It is so expesive and troublesome to deal with diabetes.
    As I relate to this video, I realize that raw food is the foods that God provided for us, and that is what we should eat. Through social actives, I’m around lots of food and sweets. At home I usually don’t have then available. But, I usually give in to eating things that I know are BAD for me. I know this is the way I should be eating!

  38. Shirley says:

    I am very impressed by the results as this takes me further along in understanding how to be fully well through food.

  39. Gertrude says:

    So busy with healing, i did not get round to watch the video’s i bought already last year. Am following the principles though. I use lots of real cinnamon to stay balanced against hereditary Diabetes II, my whole family suffers from. Have to stay of all HCFS/glucose sirup and i am doing ok. Suffering from complex prenatal PTSD/chronic stress keep wreaking havoc on my body. So for now i am keeping the cancer, rampant in my maternal family of origine, at bay, surviving but not yet thriving.

  40. julie says:

    We need to take this on board. We are what we eat

  41. Sergio Perez says:


  42. sarah says:

    I looooooooooooove to eat fresh raw and organic and appreciate these videos. While our environment and its resources are becoming more depleted I do educate myself on how I can personally live natural and eco. My hope for the world and the perfect food ultimately lies with this
    prophecy in the Bible that the Creator and His Kingdom will bring to ruin those ruining the earth and there will be no more sickness or death for those that will live on it thereafter(Revelation 11:18, 21:1-4).

  43. marianne says:

    time to wake up

  44. Lesley Whitfield says:

    I think this is a fantastic video. I have type 2 diabetes and have been taking tablets for over 4 years. What bothers me are all the other tablets I have to take as well as the diabetes medication. I do not want to take all this medication, so I am now starting to eat raw. If all these people have been able to reverse their diabetes and it has helped other medical conditions, then I’m sure it will work for me.
    I had no idea about the bleaching agent in white bread. No doubt other processed foods have similar additives that are doing us harm.I think children should be educated to know these things, and know what harm they do in the long term.
    Thanks for such a brilliant and informative video. I will certainly be telling all my family and friends.

  45. Ruth Kelleher says:

    Wow!! I applaud you for taking time to share this with whoever wants to listen. It’s so sad…so many people looking for answers and the Medical field doesn’t point them to God’s Natural Medicine. Thank you for sharing this with us. :)

  46. Candy says:

    I currently do have some health issues and I don’t know how this type of eating with work with these issues. I also have some food allergies and sensitivities. Not sure who to ask about these issues. I am pretty sure that my family dr doesn’t have a clue. I see a functional medicine dr and hope that she will be able to help me. I have always eaten fairly decently and hope to make slow changes to more of a raw food diet. The biggest hope is that I can get my kids thinking more along these lines.

  47. jacob says:

    great …. thankyou very much…lets pass on this message..

  48. Molquito says:

    Thank you very much for reminding me of what I should be doing. We have become so dependant on eating the wrong foods for our bodies. The negative health consequences are numerous and detrimental. For many of us we lack a strong will power to break away from bad habits. I would start to change and then fall back into the old habits because it’s easier. Whatever we do is most of the time our free choice and I believe many people do things because they don’t know better. Brainwashing is also very powerful and it is very difficult to detox the brain. Mr. John E. Edwards is a herbalist from the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean, who has taught me many of the things you mentioned in the video. He has helped many to get cured from all types of diseases like: cancer, aids, std’s, gout and more. All this knowledge he received from his grandmothers. With God all things are possible if we trust Him.
    Success to the best of health.

  49. sharon says:

    I cured myself of cancer (endstage breast cancer) using nutrition as the foundation, herbs as the chemo, and a detox program recommended by Dr Hulda Clark. Before that I did not think of my food as something that kept me healthy!

  50. Josette says:

    I know raw diet works. I had arthritis and high cholesterol at one point in my life,and I got healed from it completely. In only two weeks all the pain was gone! I was so excited about it and started telling everybody about it. Soon people started calling me “the health freak”. That’s how people are sometimes,they don’t want to forsake their so called “pleasures” so they rather not listen.

  51. Helen says:

    Liked the video. Realize I must find a way to get more raw food in my diet.

  52. Greg Wright says:

    If you want to make a change in your life, you have to make a change in your life!

    This is the change that is more effective than any I have found in 60 years of living.

    “Food does matter!!”

  53. I have been interested & working on getting as closed to a raw diet for years. I am 57 and have great health, strength and fitness. The only area that I am a little weak on is my vision but I am believing that will be improved fully to perfection I appreciate what research is being done. I believe that this will make a major Positive Impact For Health Of Everyone ! Thank you ! Keep on Keeping on !

  54. Adela Mendoza says:

    I enjoyed the video,Iam changing my diet today,I am recomending it to my family members,this is the reason God gave us fruits and veg.

  55. Adela Mendoza says:

    This is a fantastic Video,I am changing my diet today without delay,I will recomend it to all my family,

  56. Jo Bevilaque says:

    I’m a 46 yr old woman in the middle if a divorce after 24 yrs of marriage. The reason for stating that is bcs my future “X” don’t belive in healthy diets & always complained when i tried to cook healthy. Now that he’s outta the picture I’m trying very hard to transition to eating more raw & to stop eating meat altogether. The hardest part is doing it for my kids bcs they are 23 & 17 they are used to junky foods.
    The best thing that was brought out in this video was how expensive eating right can be. I would love to see more organic foods being more affirdable esp if your trying to raise a family. ;0)

  57. Yvonne Rowley says:

    A wonderful inspiring video, which I will advise my clients to watch, to improve their health! Thank you very much.

  58. david cross says:

    Very interesting, i have held the belief that these points about money being at the bottom of the drugs and cures were a waste of time. Now all i want to here is the help i need to reverse type 2 diabetis. Your video has given me some hope and i thank you for it. Looking forward to watching more from you.

  59. Linda Stirewalt says:

    I am changing my diet and learning how to eat better

  60. I’ve been following David Wolfe’s advice, slowly as it does take some time to get accustomed to this diet. My sinuses have improved and my skin is getting clearer than it ever was.

  61. Elizabeth Jaramillo says:

    Fabulous. I love it I have a nutrition club and with your permission I love to show this video to our clients Our nutrition club is mainly to teach people to eat healthy and this would be a great reinforcement. Thanks Eliz.

  62. Pauline Giles says:

    Good to hear people speaking honestly about the state of our (western) health and showing how straight forward it is to start bringing healing to our own bodies. Even when – for just 1 or 2 days – I choose juicing & raw foods for the main part of a day and whole cooked foods (brown rice & vegetables) as a main meal, without any caffeine or unnatural food/drink, I feel more alive physically, spiritually and mentally. We remain ‘babysat’ by the Health System at our peril. It’s long overdue that each of us took responsibility for his/her own health – at least the basics, i.e. what we choose to put into our bodies each day. Thank you for the life-giving information & encouragement.

  63. jay says:

    very informational. i agree 110% with all the contents of the video. great work!

  64. Jozsef Csak says:

    I living in Perth West Australia where fresh vegetables available 12 month a year, after see this video film I try to change my life with raw food diet in the next 8 wreaks, i feel this man telling the true, try to help to every body, will pass on this film to all my friends !! Regards Joe

  65. christina says:

    its true we need to put it out there.i try to tell people that i eat fruit and veggies,they just dont believe its food.cause i dont know its not dripping in grease or falling off my plate.

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